Pittwater High School is a proud comprehensive high school with an exceptional geographic position that influences our unique character. Our highly involved parents and citizens form an important link that unites all members of the Pittwater community. It is the value we place on relationships that underpins this strong sense of community pride and identity.

Through community collaboration and partnership, Pittwater aims to develop respectful future citizens and leaders. We nurture our students to become self-aware, proud, confident and resilient individuals with a passion for learning.

Our greatest goal, however, is to nurture the wellbeing of our students. Pittwater, like all schools, has been affected by matters of mental health and wellbeing.

Our response is to further develop and strengthen our wellbeing and support programs. One such innovation is this website, which brings together the best of our community’s experts in the field of Mental Health. This is a website where you will find relevant and current information while being able to access clear responses addressing the many emotional concerns experienced by our youth.

Our greatest thanks go to Deb and Stu Cameron from Unifii whose expertise guided this process.

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